Your school website is so much more than web pages linked together under the school logo. It is a representation of the relationships happening in and around your school community. The term web presence is used to describe today to the fact that a home page brings together a bunch of experiences that related to single pages, blogs and social media.

It is our passion to bring advisory and practical services to school leaders to optimise their school’s web presence. The school’s identity on the web keeps on communicating regardless of its physical location.

We work with school leaders & leadership teams to increase school enrolments. School councils and in-school enrollment committees describe their particular needs. Consequently, for instance, we offer clients ways of working with us through monthly advisory meetings.

We optimise a school’s web presence through outstanding content for the web. We work with web developers to implement content marketing approaches to attract prospective parents.

We provide detail quotations within six hours for the majority of our enquiries. We manage customised education content projects which provide a school or web design client with unique solutions.


School Leaders

Are your making the most of your web presence?

Our web-presence-audit looks at how schools are communicating with prospective parents.

Our preliminary audit is designed to give you an overview in just 48 hours.